Pacific Crossing – Day 23

Still tearing along maintaining speeds over 6 knots.  We made over 130 nm in the past 24 hours, despite battling with rain and squalls last night, and we still haven’t used the engine since the northern hemisphere!

We are 2,300 miles from Zihuatanejo and 500 miles from Hiva Oa.  We might make landfall as early as Saturday if we keep these speeds up.  Alyssa REALLY wants to arrive Saturday and looking at her log entries from her shift last night, she is keeping more canvas up than usual to make exactly that happen!  Usually she is more conservative and averages between 5.5 and 6.0 knots.  Last night her entries on boat speed were: 6.8, 6.5 and 6.7 knots!  She says in her defense there is a strong current helping us, but I know it’s more than that.

Keeping Ellie moving at such a brisk pace is exhilarating.  The steady wind over the past few days has reminded me of a quote I like: “Wind is to sailors as money is to people onshore” I forget who wrote it but it’s in the Quotes tab on the website.  I would also add ‘current’ to the quote because it makes an enormous difference in speed over ground, which is directly related to morale and overall satisfaction.

After covering 5,000 miles since leaving the Golden Gate, the jib is finally in need of some stitching.  The protective sunbrella canvas strip on the outer edges of the sail is tearing off slowly.  Almost the entire bottom edge is flapping in the wind.  It doesn’t look like it will come completely off so we haven’t retired the sail yet, but we will need to stitch it back on once we get in to port.  The stitches on the actual sail are all holding up well and show no major signs of wear.  The mainsail is still in great shape.

I’ll fire up the watermaker today, produce another 60 gallons and top off the starboard tank.  We can produce 35 gallons per hour so I only need to run it for a couple hours.  Still very happy with our Cruise RO unit.  Thanks again Rich!

We continue to trail lures and the fish continue to bend our hooks!  These must be monster tuna and dorado because I have never seen hooks bend like this.  I am running 150 lb test as the lightest line so they very well could be huge.  We have both cedar plugs and squid lures out now.  Trying to catch some more sushi ingredients.

The speedo is reading 7.3 knots so I better go topside and furl in some jib.

Current position:

Southern Pacific Ocean


04 39 S
132 41 W

6.9 knots


14 knots out of the SE

3-4 ft swell with 2-3 ft wind chop


Thank You

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