Pacific Crossing – Day 25

We have concluded that the Pacific Ocean is freaking huge!


We’ve covered over 2,600 miles since leaving Mexico almost a month ago.  We haven’t seen land or other people.  Our fresh provisions are dwindling.  We’re down to three eggs.  The fridge is looking pretty empty.  Still haven’t caught another fish.  Princess is a few dishes away from a full-blown strike and she informs me we are running low on white wine.


We are constantly craving various foods and restaurants from back home and in Mexico.  My latest craving is Hard Rock Cafe or Chili’s – southwest eggrolls, those thin salty chips and salsa, a huge chicken burger with bacon, guac and shoestring onion rings with a side of fries and a tall ice-cold American draft beer.  Alyssa’s has been a wilted spinach salad with goat cheese, toasted pine nuts, avocado, lemon rosemary steamed salmon with a really nice glass of Napa Valley sauv blanc, in a real wine glass.


We have been eating like kings out here but we miss sitting at an open-air cafe, sharing guac and some ice tea’s and just people watching, oh and not having to do dishes after every meal.


We are only 200 miles from our destination of Hiva Oa.  Unfortunately we weren’t going to make it in before sunset on Friday (and I want to make landfall during daylight) so we, very painfully, slowed the boat down to 4.6 – 5.0 knots so we will make landfall Saturday morning.  We are hoping to be anchored and enjoying a shore-side lunch by Saturday early afternoon.


I was able to fire up the generator and make 60 gallons of water yesterday.  It was no small task since the seas were pretty rough.  Picture me in the cockpit with one hand on a 5-gallon bucket, that is sliding violently from side to side and the other hand trying to keep my entire body from falling into the lazarette (storage locker), all the while trying to keep hoses from falling out of the bucket so I can fill the bucket and pickle the watermaker.  After much sweating and swearing the task was complete and I awoke the Princess to let her know she could take her luxurious shower.  Btw – Princess showering is like preventative boat maintenance – if it gets neglected, things start falling apart 😉


Well, against every natural urge, I have to go furl in the jib further to slow us to less than 5 knots.


Current Position:




07 54 S

136 18 W


Course: 224 T


Speed: 5.0 knots


Wind: 11 knots E


Seas: Sloppy.  5-7 ft


Bar: 1008

Thank You

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