Pacific Crossing – Day 26 – Last night at sea!

We’re painfully close to Hiva Oa!  A mere 42 miles NE of the island…


We will heave-to 15 miles offshore and await daylight before sailing into Atuona and dropping the hook.  It’s killing us to be this close and have to bob around for another night, but what’s another night after 26 days at sea right?


We are slowly making way to windward of the island so we can drift in the right direction once hove-to.  I pitched Alyssa on the idea of deploying our parachute sea anchor for the night but the idea was met with resistance.  Maybe some day we’ll get to try that thing out.


Alyssa and I are very excited to see the towering lush green spires of Hiva Oa tomorrow and be tucked in an anchorage where Ellie isn’t getting thrown around.  It should be quite the experience to see land again.


It will be very strange to have to wear clothes tomorrow.  I haven’t worn a shirt since day 1 and lost the shorts about three weeks ago.  Also need to trim the beard and shave my neck so the authorities actually let us into the country!


I have dreamt of sailing to these islands for the past six years.  The background image on my blackberry while I was slaving away at work was a boat anchored off Fatu Hiva.  Every spare moment outside of work was spent preparing for this voyage.  Tomorrow I get to realize a dream.  We get to live in the photo.  I feel very fortunate.


A beautiful sunset is off the starboard bow.  Tomorrow, land ho!!


Current Position:




09 27 S

138 11 W




4.0 knots


Wind: 15 knots E


Seas: 4-6 feet


Bar: 1008

Thank You

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