Pacific Crossing Stats & Pictures


Here are some stats and pictures from the crossing. We are almost done with all our chores and will set sail from Atuona tomorrow to explore the anchorages on the leeward side of the island. We have been busy clearing in, provisioning, cleaning, doing laundry, changing oil, polishing and toping off the fuel tank and responding to bills and emails from going a month without internet.


Outbound: Zihuatanejo, Mexico
Inbound: Atuona, Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia

Total Nautical Miles: 2,970
Time: 25 days, 21 hours

Average Miles Per Day: 115
Average Speed Over Ground: 4.8 knots
Top Speed Recorded: 7.5 knots

Water Produced: Approx. 350 gallons

Total Fuel Capacity: 100 gallons
Fuel Burned: 40 gallons
Fuel Remaining: 60 gallons
Engine Hours Accumulated: 110
GPH: 0.36

Longitude at Equator Crossing: 129 29 W

Fish Caught: 1
Lures Lost: 3

# of Flying Fish Found on Deck: 20+
# of Fish Alyssa Stepped on: 2
# of Squid Found on Deck: 4

Books read: 5
Movies Watched: 17
TV Episodes: 20

# of Arguments Between Captain & Crew: NONE!

Ships Sighted >100 miles offshore: 4

Breakages: Alternator, Sunbrella UV Strip on Jib, Snap Shackle on Code Zero, Windlass

Here are a few pictures of the crossing and landfall.  Paid $40 for this internet connection and it’s SLOW.  Will try and upload more in a couple weeks from Nuku Hiva.

IMG_0187 DSCF1012 DSCF1006 DSCF1018


  1. Rina/Mom's Gravatar Rina/Mom
    April 11, 2014    

    Glad you’re having a great time! Looks beautiful, and you two do also!
    Love you guys,
    Mama Rina

  2. Bob & Miriam's Gravatar Bob & Miriam
    April 12, 2014    

    Fabulous shots of Hiva Oa! What an accomplishment!! You make us all want
    to be where you are! We’re all very proud of you both.

    Bob & Mir

    • April 28, 2014    

      Thanks guys. We appreciate the compliments and are more than excited to have made it here relatively unscathed.

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