Provisioning Complete and some Hard-earned Easting

Since the last update we have:

  • Enjoyed a great day sail from Tahaa to Huahine
  • Spent an entire day at the Super U grocery store in Fare spending every last penny of our monthly budget
  • Topped off our fuel tanks and jugs
  • Had a scare when Alyssa developed a fever and was showing flu-like symptoms and we thought it may be Dengue fever (luckily the fever broke and she miraculously recovered the next day)
  • Spent a wonderful couple nights anchored in Avea Bay, Huahine
  • Alyssa slaved away stowing the ridiculous amount of provisions we bought (I honestly can’t believe she managed to find places to put all that food!)
  • Lewis went on a crazy hike by himself and came back covered in dirt and blood after a tumble down a steep hill whereby he managed to pull a boulder over the top of his legs (the flip flops didn’t help here)
  • Set a course for the Tuamotus with high hopes of light N-NE winds only to find ourselves bashing close-hauled into 25 knots of wind out of the EAST with steep mixed sloppy seas that beat the hell out of us and Ellie
  • Decided to stop putting so much faith in GRIBs
  • Accepted the fact that we are slaves to the weather and set a new course for Moorea, where we are currently anchored awaiting the next ‘weather window’ to head east

Well that about sums up the past few days. What an amazing treat to be anchored back here in our favorite spot in the windward islands. There is a spotted eagle ray flying under the boat as I type these words. The hike to the farm that has amazing coconut ice cream is beckoning and I think we’ll just have to heed the call…

Cheers from Moorea,
Alyssa & Lewis

DSCF1409 DSCF1413

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  1. Jennelle's Gravatar Jennelle
    September 1, 2014    

    Glad Alyssa recovered quickly and nothing was broken from your tumble lew. Coconut Icecream sounds pretty amazing. Still can’t get over how incredibly gorgeous it is! Loved all the updates

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