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Quixotic Sails Again!!!!!

She’s out of the creek! She’s sailing! She’s motoring! She’s generating power! She has hot water! She has nets! Her keels track straight! Her rudders steer her on a straight course! She’s a fully-functional sailing yacht again! We couldn’t be happier or more proud of her!

Allan and Rina, Alyssa’s parents, are visiting and just enjoyed a great day of kayaking, sailing, swimming and enjoying the beauty of Fiji. We are moored on Bruce (the Pirate) SKABENGA’s mooring off Jacques Cousteau resort near Savusavu. Thanks Bruce! (for everything man – from the beginning of Quixotic’s resurrection).

Allan and Rina worked their asses off during the first week of their visit. They helped us check boxes on the list and get her to the point we could actually escape the creek. We installed a new LPG system, got BOTH engines running, installed the nets, put the sails on, stowed all our gear and toys, installed the bow seats, got the freezer working, port water heater, bilge pumps, lifelines, running rigging, among many other projects. They were eager to get out (we were more eager) and as soon as the last box was checked – and the thermostat we were waiting to be delivered was installed – we shoved off the dock and motored out of the creek. What a feeling of relief, excitement and pride to see her gliding out on to Savusavu bay and towards open water where she belongs.

We are still working out kinks as can be predicted. I spent two full days in the engine compartment trying to get the generator to stop overheating so we can enjoy ICE! In the end, Alyssa and I had removed the entire generator, slid it forward on its mounts, removed and acid treated the heat exchanger, and replaced the coolant pump – all while at anchor!  It now purrs like a kitten and – wait for it – actually runs too cold (when there is too little of a load)! Success!

There is a long list of people to thank and I wouldn’t want to leave anyone in particular out. So here’s a big VINAKA VAKALEVU and THANK YOU to all our family, friends, and everyone who has helped us make this dream a reality. It was a hell of a ride the past four months. But we pulled it off, Quixotic is sailing again, we have an amazing floating home. Thanks again guys!

Sunset alert so have to run. Here are some pics of Quixotic under sail and at rest. Thanks to Allan for taking the pics from the dinghy under way!


Lewis, Alyssa, Allan, Rina

Moored – Cousteau’s Resort, Savusavu, Fiji



5 thoughts on “Quixotic Sails Again!!!!!”

  1. She looks gorgeous – and very comfortable. You guys have done an amazing job and I’m sure you’ll enjoy many happy journeys on her. Give your folks a hug for Chris & I. Bula Bula!

  2. We could not be happier for you two!!! Together you did an amazing job and we are very proud of you!!! Can’t wait until we meet again in Fiji!!
    Love you,
    Glennnnnn and Debbie

  3. Eee oh !
    Wow , you have both done an amazing job in a short time in a very remote place.
    Many were skeptical………………but I knew you would “git er done”
    Congratulations !!! my good friends !
    Ye ol Pirate on Skabenga , Ahrrrr !

  4. Hi Kids… I never doubted that you’d get it done… and done right. I’m so very proud of you and proud of your folks for what they have done to help and supplies they brought…. and a big thank you, to all the people involved in the great undertaking and the help they have given to you. . What a wonderful success. I send lots of Love & Hugs, GrandmaMama

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