QUIXOTIC: She’s Sailing! New Vinyl! – PICTURES & VIDEO!!

We are back in the marina taking on the remainder of our tools and gear before heading out later this week. We finally received the vinyl decals for QUIXOTIC! She has a name again!  It looks awesome – check it out. 

We had her out sailing on the open ocean and she did great! 60 degrees off the wind she was driving hard at 7+ knots under a double-reefed main and half a jib in 18 knots TWS. She was confidently powering over the swells, her crossbeam looked great, the rig tune feels fine, the sails are in good shape and the kicker – no leaks and she didn’t break up!

Next stop Taveuni Island and then sailing east for the Lau!

Here are some pics. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Cheers

DCIM252GOPRO DCIM252GOPRO DCIM252GOPRO DCIM252GOPRO dscn4975 dscn4979 dscn4980

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