Quixotic Update – A Catamaran OR a Block of Swiss Cheese??!?!?

Bula Vinaka All!

Our incredible team of local Fijian fiberglass workers continue to charge forward and dig out all the delamination from Quixotics’ hull….and see for yourself in the pictures – it’s a LOT!  There are now enormous holes in her hull and topsides, ready for glasswork. Today we actually started putting new glass back ON the boat as opposed to just grinding broken glass OFF her. Alsace Miller, the “Sensei” of our fiberglass team, mixed up some polyester and chopped strand glass and started fairing the void in the starboard keel. Looks like we’ll be able to grind the shape back into it tomorrow and then we’ll lay up a few layers of the very strong quadraxial glass that arrived today. We plan to reinforce the keel before taking a mold for the port side. When we’re finished, Quixotic’s keels and areas of repair will be much stronger than before; basically the original polyester glass will have to break before our epoxy-based repairs would let go. We’ve been given a lifetime warranty from Sace and he is adamant that the repairs will outlast us! Sounds good to me!

Here are some pics of the progress…..

Cheers!image (3) image (4) image (5) image (6)

Thank You

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