Revised Hawaiian Islands Exit Strategy

We caught up on some much-needed rest and are feeling great. We woke up to a peaceful quiet anchorage with waves lapping the shores. Went for a snorkel before breakfast and spent 15 minutes swimming with two sea turtles – it was awesome and we shot some GoPro video we’ll have to share.  We love it here but the weather window beckons so we plan to leave tomorrow.

So here’s the plan:

Tomorrow morning (Saturday), once the SE wind lightens and the seas moderate, we will leave Honolua Bay bound for Honokohau Harbor on the Kona coast of the Big Island. It’s a 100nm run so we should be in at first light on Sunday morning. We’ll hit the fuel dock and top off the diesel tank. Then we’ll immediately put back to sea and motor south along the Kona coast. It should take us about nine hours to clear the lee of the Big Island and encounter (what is forecast to be) light E winds at 10 knots. We’ll ride the light easterlies due south. On Monday the NE trades are forecast to fill back in at 15-20 knots. We should be well clear of the venturi effect of the Big Island and we’ll put the trades on the quarter and run for Fanning, 900 miles south of the Big Island. These trades are forecast to strengthen to 20-22 knots but we’ll have them on the quarter so it should be a nice angle and sea state. By the time they are forecast to strengthen above 25 knots we will be well clear of the squash zone and encountering the ITCZ around 9N. Then it’s anyone’s guess what the wind and squalls will do from 9N to Fanning at 2N. We’ll plan to make landfall 7 days later on Sunday (which is Monday in Kiribati because they keep the same date as the rest of Kiribati, much further west, and because they say so).

So that’s the plan. Stay tuned for the actual account.

Today the Mermaid is cooking up a storm in the galley prepping passage meals. She is also jarring green beans so they don’t spoil. I am tightening the lower shrouds because they looked a little loose when we had 25 knots on the beam; they are suppose to go slack on the leeward side but not flail around, and they seemed to be doing a little flailing, so I’ll give ’em a half turn and see if that does it. I am also going to seal up the hawse pipe (where the anchor chain enters the deck) and un-pickle the watermaker. I adjusted the belt on the autopilot so it should work now. If it’s still acting like a moron I’ll throw it overboard and put in our spare.

Then it’s back to watching all the ridiculous tourists on the charter catamarans belly flop into the bay.

Cheers from Honolua Bay!

Lewis & Alyssa

April 24, 2015

Anchored: 21 00.861 N, 156 38.363 W

Thank You

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