Sailiing West from Penrhyn to Suwarrow

After three great weeks in Penrhyn, we have decided to sail west. We will cross the lagoon in the morning and anchor off Omoka village to clear out and pay up. Then we’ll put to sea and sail for Suwarrow, another atoll 400 miles downwind.

I would like to buy some more diesel as the wind is forecast to lighten halfway to Suwarrow. Hopefully we can score some from the locals tomorrow. We have about 25 gallons in the tank that we bought off a couple other boats; that’s just shy of two days motoring range.

We’ll keep the blog updated as we sail west. Wish us calm seas and moderate but steady trades.

Levi, of SJOSTROM, gifted us three kites and a surfboard. He jumped ship – literally – and is now on DRINA and had to ditch his gear. Lucky us and he was even kind enough to give Alyssa intro lessons. She’s now hooked and we have gear for both of us to ride! We finally got the hissing cat in the water – and she is even smiling!!!

Will write soon.


June 14, 2015
Broken Palm Island, Penrhyn, Cook Islands

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