Samoa to Tonga – The Final (Peaceful) Night on Passage

When people dream of sailing the south pacific, this is what they must imagine. Full sail sheeted in tight, driving the yacht hard under a clear and star-studded night. As extraordinarily rare as these conditions are, these are the conditions we are enjoying tonight. We were both trying to remember the last time we had a passage this pleasant and we are both recollecting Mexico, when we sailed from Barra de Navidad to Ixtapa Island. The seas are calm, the wind 14 knots, 40 degrees off the starboard bow, the engine off, and Ellie driving at 6 knots towards Tonga. I have the southern cross off the port bow to steer by and a crescent moon for company. Tonight I feel lucky to be a sailor.

We are less than 60 miles from Vava’u Tonga and plan to enter Neiafu Harbor by noon. Vava’u is a cruising sailor’s paradise, with over 50 anchorages within a day’s sail of the capitol. There is lush green high-island contrasted with reef and palm-studded motus to explore. Every amenity to drain the kitty and the seclusion to recharge the batteries. We have yet to rule out the possibility of never leaving. Perhaps we won’t.

Salud from what seems the most peaceful place on earth tonight,

July 20, 2015

17 45 S
173 28 W
200 T
5.5 KTS

Thank You

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