Storms, Rain, Friends, New Anchor and Cracked Chainplates – Preparing to Sail to Fiji!

We are preparing to sail to Fiji in a few weeks and have begun our passage prep in earnest. The past week was storming so we put in to the marina. We put a tarp over the engine compartment and I spent two and a half days hunched over completely renewing every system on the generator – happy to report our efforts paid off and it’s running great now.  One step forward and two steps back though because upon closer inspection of the 20 year old chainplates, we found cracking on both running back chainplates and one stress crack on the port main chainplate.  We can’t sail to Fiji with cracking chainplates so we have removed the running back plates and had them re-made. We will be removing the main chainplates next week and having them made as well.  Should be an exciting exercise to support the rig with halyards and spectra line!

Our friends Jason & Emily (s/v LYRIC) were visiting last week and we all did our best to find activities in between torrential rain and generally crummy weather. We went kayaking, hiking, fishing, exploring, sailing, wine tasting and dining. It was a great visit.  Thanks again for all the help on the projects guys! Jason: we couldn’t have re-bed the pulpits and that new hatch without your humor to keep us entertained!  And the fish we caught will live in infamy as the largest guppy ever caught in the bay of islands!

Our new anchor arrived and is currently buried in the mud below us!  We are delighted to report that Spade Anchor has decided to sponsor us!  We loved our Spade anchor on Ellie so much but the price tag was prohibitive to buying one for QUIXOTIC.  Luckily Spade Anchor responded to our request for sponsorship and gave us a huge discount.  They air-freighted us the new anchor from Tunisia and after a few weeks in transit our new favorite anchor arrived!  The 55lb Rocna we had is a great anchor but (in our opinion) the Spade is better. It is 65lbs and has lead in the tip to help it bury deep in the sand/mud/rocks/shells/etc. The absence of a roll bar helps it keep digging deeper when pulled and it’s less likely to foul.  So far so good – we’ll keep reporting!

The rest of our to-do list is only one page long this time and includes items such as new chainplates, rig tune, replace hatch, install stanchions and lifelines, seal engine rooms, service engines, dry out and replace saildrive oil, re-commission watermaker, install that missing mid-ship cleat, etc.  We figure 2-3 weeks of work and we’ll be ready to sail north to Fiji.

Tell the weather to be nice so we can bed some stanchions and replace those chainplates!



It hasn’t been ALL work and no play….
Painting new gelcoat around the hatch before bedding in the new frame
New Spade Anchor!! Picture taken before assembling..
Assembly complete! We used a nylock soaked in red locktite on the bolt and then put three passes of stainless seizing wire to ensure the bolt can’t back out.


20 years of stress loading and then a cyclone have condemned the chainplates. We are replacing both next week.
Can you spot the crack?


One thought on “Storms, Rain, Friends, New Anchor and Cracked Chainplates – Preparing to Sail to Fiji!”

  1. Hi Kids… You make this GrandmaMama very proud… Both of you are so smart and I believe you can do anything you set your minds to do… Lots of Love & Hugs sent you way… GrandmaMama

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