Struck Gold at the Fishing Day!

We are still thoroughly enjoying San Diego!  We attended the fishing tackle sale and seminars at Fisherman’s Landing in San Diego today and it was a blast!  They had deep discounts on fishing gear and a bunch of free fishing seminars on offshore fishing, trolling, etc.  We had to take advantage!

The short story is that we arrived with the intention of attending the seminars for free, and we left with over $500 of free merchandise and we were $75 ahead, net, net…..legally….it was a great day!!

The long story is that we attended the free seminar on deep yo-yo jigging and between Alyssa and I we won an overnight sport fishing trip, a tackle box, a few lures, and both received a ticket for a raffle after the seminar!

At the raffle, we WON a pair of Maui Jim Sunglasses!!  A $250 value!!  My sunglasses were cracking and I was contemplating buying a new pair but PROBLEM SOLVED!  It was awesome and we were so excited!

THEN, we attended the next free seminar on using soft plastic imitation lures and at the end of the seminar I mustered the courage to make an announcement that if anyone wanted to buy an offshore overnight fishing voucher for 50% off we were selling one…and we sold it!!  So, now we are $100 up!!  AND the guy giving the seminar gifted me all the lures he was using during his presentation!  SCORE!

After browsing the store and buying some lures and gear for our trolling hand lines we coughed up $25 (of the prize money).

We fired up the dinghy and dropped our loot back at Ellie. Then Marlene, her daughter and son-in-law, plus kids, came aboard to visit and see the boat.  We had a great time visiting with them and showing off how amazing Ellie is set up (many props to John, the previous owner, for setting up so many of her amazing systems).  We then went over to Windflower for dinner and visited with new friends and had a magnificent time hearing about their extensive sailing experiences and hilarious stories!

We are visiting with more friends tomorrow then back to the cruisers anchorage for a few days before we leave for Mexico next week.

I’ll leave you with a couple pictures.  One is of Ellie anchored in La Playa Cove, where we are spending the weekend, and another of me sporting the new sunglasses and tackle box.

As Ron Burgundy said it best:  Stay classy San Diego!

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