Suwarrow to Samoa – Day 2 – Roller Coaster Ride!

Day two finds us 230 miles from Samoa – halfway. We are running downwind in stiff trades and breaking seas. We smartly sailed SW out of Suwarrow in anticipation of finding the strong SE trades and therefore being able to run off W-WNW once in their clutches. Good thing because we are now running from 30+ knots gusting higher. The tough Mermaid just dropped the double-reefed mainsail (in the rain no less) as it was overpowering the boat and rounding us up. We are now flying 50% jib and making 7 knots SOG. The roller coaster ride is surprisingly comfortable considering the sea state. This is one situation where having a heavier boat pays dividends. I also think the fixed prop is acting like a bit of a drogue, preventing us from surfing down the wave faces.

We will try and put the awash atoll, Rose Island, 10nm to starboard before falling off 20 degrees and setting a course for the entrance to Pago Pago Harbor in American Samoa. We are hoping to make it in before sunset on Wednesday. We plan to stay about a week. We are having new Lifeline AGM batteries shipped in from the states [A HUGE thanks to Allan, Alyssa’s Father, for helping coordinate that]. Our low-pressure pump on our watermaker died and we are having a new one shipped in [thanks Rich from Cruise RO]. We will also do a big provisioning run – we haven’t seen a grocery store since Hawaii, two month’s ago. Alyssa is very excited for the grocery run and access to modern amenities such as a laundry mat and restaurants. We’ll also hit the hardware store for some new tools; ours have turned into piles of rust. It will be a much needed resupply stop before continuing on to Tonga.

Back to the roller coaster ride for us. It’s sure nice to have consistent wind, even if it’s a bit much. They say that ‘wind is to sailors, what money is to landlubbers.’ Tonight I feel rich.


June 30, 2015
14 31 S
166 33 W
246 T
12-16 FT SEAS

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