Thanksgiving – Cabo Style

Hey Everyone,

We sailed in to Cabo on Monday afternoon and anchored right off the white sand beach smack dab in the middle of party central!  The music was blaring “shots! shots! shots!”, jet ski’s buzzing within 5 feet of Ellie, pangas, sport fishing boats, cruise ships, paddle boards, kayaks, swimmers!  It was insanity and a very stark contrast to our quiet baja anchorages.  To top it off, there was a 15 knot wind from the SW blowing directly in to the anchorage – so we almost left immediately in fear of being pushed on to the beach / lee shore.

We stuck it out until the evening and the wind died down so we stayed.  Our friends Doug and Elena on Island Princess came over for some wine while we watched our position and made sure our anchor was set hard.

The next day we decided to participate in the mahem….when in Rome right?  We swam to shore early in the morning before the jet ski’s were launched and went to find our friends on Green Panther to catch up over some tea.  After visiting we made our way over to the beach – Cabo is insane!  We had a bucket of beer and were thoroughly amused by the people watching (Slove – we are sending you the T&A shots).  There were 18-20 year olds participating in an assortment of drinking games that were hilarious.  We watched the sun set from the Sand Bar and then took a water taxi back to Ellie for the night.

Today we sailed to Puerto Los Cabos, a new marina facility located 18 miles east of Cabo San Lucas.  We will spend Thanksgiving here with our friends on Island Princess and then head north to Frailes before departing for Mazatlan on the mainland.

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and will miss everyone.  We will try and skype tomorrow.

Cheers from Cabo!

Lewis and Alyssa

p.s. We have a bunch of great pictures that we will try our best to upload before departing here on Friday.

One thought on “Thanksgiving – Cabo Style”

  1. Happy day after Thanksgiving. “Shots, shots, shots”…. That sounds like Mexico alright. Oh yeah, thanks for the advice on the happy hooker! Just got back from first time at Angel Island and we hooked the mooring first time thanks to that little device. Liz also say thanks because it was our first time doing something new on the boat without any shouting. Have a great sail to Mazatlan!

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