The Good Life on a Motu in the Bora Lagoon

We had to share some more pictures.  The beauty of this island is overwhelming.  We have been anchored off a small motu in the SE corner of Bora Bora for the past few days and we are planning to stay a while longer.  

We made friends with the family who owns the motu and today we shared lunch together on their island.  Tiffa and Lucy are extremely fun and friendly.  They live a simple and almost self-sufficient lifestyle.  They have solar panels for electricity, rain catchment systems for water, coconut palms for a variety of edible, medicinal and practical needs, 40 free range chickens for eggs and plenty of fish from the lagoon.  Tiffa collects dried palm thatch to repair the roofs of the over water bungalows and Lucy makes shell necklaces to sell to the tourists.  With that income they can buy rice, baguettes and other supplies from town.  It’s a great life and the definition of laid back island living.

We plan to hang out with them again tomorrow and go kayaking and snorkeling.  Lucy is excited to try our pedal-powered kayak.  Everywhere we go the locals get a kick out of it.

Here is a pic of Alyssa at the hotel where we land the dinghy to go ashore for fresh baguettes and expensive pizza.  Terrible place isn’t it?

DSCF3024 And another of her on the beach at Tiffa and Lucy’s island.  Ellie in background.


Lucy showing Alyssa how to make coconut milk:DSCF3051

Devouring a drinking coconut in the cockpit:IMG_0106

The beautiful Princess enjoying life in beautiful Bora Bora (btw – She has informed me that she never wants to leave)DSCF3055 DSCF3059

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