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This is a fun page. I am going to leave the previous updates and every year or two I will write another. So here goes. After writing the update below we did sail back to Fiji and did end up building what became a very successful luxury adventure charter business on QUIXOTIC.  We had a blast, worked harder than we thought possible, made life-long friends, and explored Fiji’s incredible beauty.  We sailed between Fiji and New Zealand each season for a few years – sailing south when it got hot and north when it got cold – perfect.  In 2019 our feet were starting to itch and the Coriolis force seemed to be pulling us to continue west.  So we put the charter business up for sale along with our beloved QUIXOTIC, which we had lovingly restored after salvaging her years earlier.  Selling her to good cruising friends eased the pain a bit and as a bonus we received their Island Packet 420 in part trade so we wouldn’t dare be without a boat!  We sailed our new floating home “Levana” down to New Zealand and started refitting her.  We love the boat but the jury is still out whether we will get another cat (stable down wind!) or keep this lovely strong boat and sail some laps around the planet aboard her.  Stay tuned for how that plays out.  We have spent the Covid19 lockdown at anchor in a remote island off the NZ North Island and may be forced to enjoy our first proper winter aboard – don’t worry we installed diesel heat!  The storms remind us we are alive and not in charge; the blue penguins and seals our neighbors; the fish plentiful; and the hiking is incredible out here.  Stay tuned for the next update – even I am curious.  Cheers


This will be a fun page. I am going to leave the previous updates and every year or two I will write another. So here goes. After writing the update below we sailed south to Kiribati for a month, then on to the Cooks for two more months before landing in American Samoa. While in American Samoa we replaced our broken gearbox that was giving us trouble and then sailed for Tonga. We spent a month in Tonga, I was kicked in the head by a humpback whale and may have jarred the remaining few marbles that were kicking around in there. We made landfall in Fiji and fell in love instantly with the scenery, food, people, pace, technology and culture. We decided to stay. We kept Ellie on a mooring in Savusavu over cyclone season, forfeit our (expensive) Australian visas, went to the states for the holiday’s and so I can get my 200T captains license. Cyclone Winston, a Cat 5 tore through Fiji end of February. Ellie was spared but many boats were damaged. We immediately flew back to be reunited with Ellie. We also loved Fiji so much we were in the process of buying some waterfront property in a remote area. Ellie was loaded up with building supplies to build a house but when we got word of a wrecked catamaran for sale we sold the tools and made haste back to Savusavu. We bought QUIXOTIC in a sad state and spent all season fixing her up. Ellie was sold to a friend of the family. It was a tremendous effort by many but by the end of the cruising season QUIXOTIC was sailing for New Zealand, where we are now. We are slowly refitting QUIXOTIC with the intention of returning to Fiji to run a (what we hope is a hugely successful 😉 charter business. In a few years we plan to point QUIXOTIC’s bow west and continue our circumnavigation. Whew….

So, come visit us, charter with us and help us replenish the kitty will ya??


So far we have sailed over 9,000 miles from SF to Hawaii via Mexico and French Polynesia.  Please visit the ACTUAL ROUTE tab to see where we have been thus far. In Bora Bora we decided to drastically slow down the pace so we can meet more people and experience the amazing places we visit.  So what was once planned to be a 2-3 year trip around the world is now looking more like 10 years or more.  

We plan to be in Australia by fall of 2015 and stay there and work for a year or two or three to replenish the kitty. Then we plan to sail back to Fiji and up to the Marshall Islands then west to Micronesia, Palau, Philippines and into SE Asia for a few years. From there we’ll decide where to head next. We don’t dare speculate on where we’ll be more than six years out so you’ll just have to stay tuned. Thanks for your support and for following along!

Below is the map of our “planned” 2015 cruising season:


**ORIGINAL PLAN WRITTEN IN 2013 (Prior to Departure from SF)**


So here is an initial stab at our planned route – subject to change due to weather, mood, intrigue, boredom, curiosity, Pirates, lure, funds and adventure… but we plan to follow the blue route above.

The blue line represents the most likely route we are going to take around the world.  This route would take a minimum of three years but we are budgeting for four to five.  This route takes us down the California coast to Mexico, up into the Sea of Cortez and down as far as Zihuatanejo before crossing the Pacific to the Marquesas in French Polynesia, then on to the Tuamotus, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Society Islands, Cook Islands, Niue, Tonga and Fiji before heading South to New Zealand for the cyclone season.  We would winter over in the Bay of Islands in NZ and head back to Fiji in the spring.  Once back in the islands we would visit Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Kiribati and head north of the equator (and out of the cyclone belt) for the winter.  We would winter over in Micronesia in the Marshalls and Palau for some incredible diving before heading into South East Asia, visiting Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand before heading west into the Indian Ocean.  We would stop in Sri Lanka in route to the Red Sea, continue north to the Suez canal and into the Mediterranean for the summer.  We would visit Croatia, Greece, Italy, Spain before leaving the Med and heading down the coast of West Africa to the Canarie Islands where we would stage for the crossing to the West Indies in the Caribbean.  We would spend the winter cruising the Caribbean before heading for the Panama canal and back up to Mexico where we would cross our GPS track and complete the circumnavigation!

But, alas, that’s probably not the EXACT way its going to go.  And that’s the exciting part!  So we have included a couple alternate routes on the above map.

The red route is a more direct route from New Zealand to South East Asia.  It’s a more direct route that would hit Australia and the amazing Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef before heading north to Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand and meeting up with the blue (planned) route.

The green route is our alternate route if those pesky pirates are still up to no good around the Gulf of Aden near the Horn of Africa and prevent us from entering the Red Sea safely.  It would take us to Chagos, Mauritis, Cape Town South Africa, Salvador Brazil and up to the Caribbean to meet up with the blue (primary route).

The yellow detour (if we aren’t out of money!) would take us to the Mediterranean from the Caribbean via Bermuda and the North Atlantic following the gulf stream current.  We would spend the summer cruising the Med before heading back to the Caribbean via the Canaries.

Whew!  Ok, so that’s the plan and the various routes we can take.  Now let’s go cruising already and see it all!!!



  1. September 10, 2013    

    Sounds like an awesome route. Hopefully we will cross paths in the Caribbean!

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    L & A -Following religiously your progress. Awesome! T

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