The Salmon that *Almost* Got Away

To finish the story of the delta, we did end up catching a salmon about an hour later while we were trolling back to our truck down the river. It was around 2:30pm and it wasn’t until 3:15 that we finally got a 23lb salmon into the boat. Keep in mind, we were using 30lb test line on trout poles when we should have been using ocean fishing gear. There’s also the fear associated with popping our inflatable dingy as we try and wrestle this monster in. After bashing the fish on the head a few times, we tie a tiny trout stringer from my “learn how to fish, trout fishing beginner set” through its gills and off the side of the boat to keep it fresh. As Lewis starts to throw both fishing lines back into the water hoping for another lucky catch, I stare at the salmon saying “it’s so sad; I think he’s still alive even after we hit him:(“ 

Just seconds later, I see the stringer float out of his mouth and gills, swimming next to the boat. I scream, “Oh my god, Lewis!” as I jump into action and throw myself over the side, grabbing the salmon by the gills and throw it back into the boat. As Lewis would retell the story, this is when he thought “Oh my God! I love you! You’re awesome!” We then tie our ¾” dock line where the stringer once held the fish and threw it overboard. The next morning we drove back to the marina and shared our catch of the day.  Salmon2


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