Waking up to a Seaplane on the Napa River!

I awoke this morning to a strange engine sound.  It didn’t sound like an outboard, it didn’t sound like an inboard, it didn’t sound like the dull drone of the huge inboard diesels from the tugs that keep us awake every night, I wasn’t sure what it was…I had to get up to investigate.  So glad I did because it was a seaplane cruising down the river and only 50 feet off the port beam!!  Too cool.  I grabbed the camera and snapped a shot and took a video.  Check it out!


Send-off Fiesta!!

Lewis and I are so excited to start our journey around the world and see where we end up. As Lewis mentioned in “The Route” section of the website, our approximate planned route is just that, approximate. This means that it may take us 4 years to make it around or 7 years, depending on if we take longer detours than expected or even love a place so much we decide to stay for an extra season. We are hoping this blog will be a way for us to keep in touch, allowing everyone to follow our adventure, hopefully learning from our experiences and laughing at the mishaps I’m sure we’ll have along the way.

So what better a way to say goodbye to all of our closest friends and family than throw a send-off fiesta! As with many dock parties to come, we were ready to practice our cruising lifestyle, seeing how much (or should I say, how little) we could spend to throw a rager while staying on budget. After all, we had just provisioned for a month in the delta, so the fridge was pretty full. A couple cases of beer and marg mix from Costco, we were all set. Calling it a BBQ potluck on the e-vite, everyone was overwhelmingly gracious with their contributions. Thank you!

We also only had time to “de-name” the boat while we were on the hard in Sausalito, so this was the perfect opportunity to have a little show, praise the ocean gods and rename our Tartan 37. Here’s a clip of our renaming ceremony:

Renaming Ceremony, Aug 10th, 2013

We will greatly miss all of our friends from the marina. Docks can quickly become a close-knit community, and we appreciate all of the advice people have given us, whether it be varnishing tricks, wheat grass growing tips, or just the simple “stop working and leave already!” Lewis wants to add, he will forever be indebted to the legendary Captain Bob of Gypsy Wind for his advice and knowledge of boat repair and maintenance.


Feel free to post more advice, comments and shared experiences…here we go!