We Love Barra!!

We are in Barra de Navidad and may never leave.  A couple days ago we dropped anchor in the back lagoon and have been thoroughly enjoying our new surroundings.  

Let’s just recap yesterday.  We awoke to birds singing and Ellie was not rocking even the slightest (we are anchored in a completely protected lagoon).  We made some tea and sat in the cockpit in complete awe of the beauty of this place; towering lush green mountains with beautiful architecture tastefully clinging on the cliffs.  Then we heard on the radio that a French Baker was entering the anchorage and would be coming from boat-to-boat selling fresh baked pastries, croissants, quiche and baguettes so naturally we had to flag him down and investigate.  We bought an almond-crusted croissant and a jalapeno and chesse baguette (this IS Mexico you know).  They were both delicious and Alyssa made a delicious breakfast feast with our fresh baked goods.  

Then we launched the dinghy and cruised in to town and tied off at the Sands hotel.  After a failed attempt to check in with the Port Captain (the woman very nicely informed us we were too small of a boat to require official clearing-in procedures.  Fine with me!), we strolled along the malecon and had lunch at a stunning beach-front restaurant with tables set above the crashing surf.  We enjoyed our lunch while watching yachts come and go and surfers ride the break.  Oh, and it cost a grand total of about $9 US!

After an awesome lunch we found an internet cafe to take care of some business and skype with family.  We watched the sun set from another great restaurant while catching up with our friends.  We then cruised the dinghy back to Ellie where we enjoyed a great night’s sleep on flat, calm water and dreamt about how great tomorrow was surely going to be.

We love it here.  I think we’ll stay a while.

p.s. Phil (Alyssa’s Uncle) Thank you SO much for all the great music!  I loaded up Media Monkey and we now have over 51k songs!  This is going to greatly improve our lives out there at sea!  Your library included some of the artists I used to listen to but have not heard for a long time.  A huge thanks again!

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  1. Debbie & Glenn's Gravatar Debbie & Glenn
    January 29, 2014    

    We are back in Mexico!!! So happy to be back. We are planning to leave on Monday, 2/3 for Barra. Plan to head straight there. Hope you are still there!! Don’t you love the French Baker?!!!
    Hope to see you soon,
    Glennnnnn & Debbie

    • January 31, 2014    

      Hey Glen-n-n-n and Debbie! That’s awesome that you guys are sailing south! We’re headed out today to make water but will probably come back into the lagoon tomorrow. Not sure when we are headed for Zihuat but that would be awesome to meet up at some point! Have a safe passage. -L&A

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