Well Sh*t…Here Comes a Cat 2 Cyclone

Category 2 cyclone Zena just finished lashing Vanuatu and decided to come pay us a visit. The forecast is calling for her to pass just south of Viti Levu between midnight and daybreak. We are still in the Tradewinds anchorage off the Novotel and are secured well to the mooring but two things make us uncomfortable. One, we haven’t personally dove on this mooring due to abundance of jellyfish, horrible visability and the owner telling us it was just inspected; so to a large extent we are blindly trusting the mooring. Two, more boats are coming into this small bay to seek shelter and with them brings more risk of boats dragging down on us. 

According to Windy.ty we are in a good spot as the strongest winds will be somewhat blocked by the island. That could end up deceiving us and only time will tell. The most exposed wind direction would be wind from the west as the opening to the bay is west of our position. Hopefully the storm will be moving fast and will only briefly blow from that direction. We are well protected from NW to SE where hopefully most of the intensity comes from.

We have multiple lines and chafe gear to the mooring. We also have our huge FX-55 anchor on the rail and ready to be deployed. We would like to put it out but then we won’t swing and we would end up with a huge mess of tangled rodes. So the storm anchor will rest on the rail ready to be sent overboard if necessary.

We just put our mainsail back on and we are so reluctant to remove it but better safe than sorry. We will drop the sails just to be extra cautious. Hopefully the winds won’t reach hurricane strength here and the Windy.ty forecast is accurate but with cyclones, nothing is certain.

Wish us luck that Zena doesn’t come closer and that we ride it out unscathed. It’s gonna be a long night! 

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  1. Pamela Fives's Gravatar Pamela Fives
    April 5, 2016    

    Hi Kids… My heart and prayers are with you… Hold onto your hats and you’ll ride this fine… You always do. I have confidence that you know exactly what to do and at what time to do it. All my Love… GrandmaMama

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