We’re in San Diego – But It’s Cold?!?!

Hey all – We made it safely into San Diego harbor last night and are anchored in the ‘cruisers anchorage’ on the east side of Shelter Island.  We are joking that we brought SF Bay weather with us because it’s cold and overcast here (high of 63)!  The friendly authorities that boarded us for an official ‘inspection’ last night promised sunshine by the weekend.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see…

This is a busy port!  All the helicopters buzzing around, navy and coast guard activity and then there is the airport a few hundred yards from us!  So much for the quiet serenity of Catalina!  We will have to get everything done here quickly and escape before the chaos of the city drives us crazy!

The anchorage is nicely protected and there are a bunch of friendly cruisers here that have already come up to Ellie to introduce themselves and offer any help we need – one guy even offered to take us anywhere we need in his truck!  Gotta love how nice cruisers are 🙂

We are cleaning up Ellie and headed over to Marlene’s yacht club this afternoon.  She owns Egress and was moored next to us in Avalon.

Slove – you asked what happened to our watermaker.  Well, we burned the boost pump out in the delta by accidentally turning it on and burning the motor out.  In addition, the membranes are not producing up to the rated flow rate and membrane #2 is not even producing drinkable water.  The TDS readings were off the chart and we were making water with only one membrane while in Catalina.  Luckily, Rich with Cruise RO was cool enough to come meet us next week and replace everything under warranty!  Should be up and running 100% before we leave for Mexico!  

The plan is to be here through Halloween weekend and then we are crossing the border into MEXICO BABY!  Getting excited already!  Cheers all!

p.s. – This is your last chance to call us on the telephone!  We will be cancelling our cell phones right before we leave San Diego.  After we leave the states we will only be reachable via email, ssb radio and vhf radio.  So give us a call and let’s catch up!


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  1. slove's Gravatar slove
    October 25, 2013    

    Cold in San Diego “WTF” hey Lew, I have a SSB onboard Stal, and I may even hook up with some yachters here in DC who have SSB’s tell me your check in time/zone and frequency and I can try to link up! You’ll have to coach me I haven’t used my SSB before LOL, I’ve only used it as a hat rack…

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