We’re Leaving in a Week! Bound for the South Pacific Again!

You would think I have had enough sea time over the past month, and 3,200 nm, but nope. Alyssa was hoping that I would get my fill of the sea and come back to Hawaii with plans to bury the anchor for another year. Well, that’s not how it went. A few days after returning to Oahu we decided it was time to head south again. We leave the marina on the 18th. If the weather window looks good we will exit the breakwater and set a course 1,050 miles due south to the little island nation of Kirbati. The passage should take us a week. We plan to make landfall at Tabuaeran (Fanning) Atoll. The lagoon is navigable so we will enter the pass and set our hook in fine white sand and enjoy the flat turquoise water.

The first couple months of the season will include remote isolated atolls with no internet access. We will most likely be unable to post pictures until we reach Samoa. Be sure we will be taking some epic photos and video and will share as soon as we can. Of course the regular blog posts should be coming throughout the next few months. You’ll just have to Google image search these various islands to get an idea of our surroundings.

I put together a map (below) of our “planned” route for the season. This is what we have written in sand at low tide so who knows where we actually end up going. That said, this is the general plan.

Our 2015 “planned” itinerary includes:

Tabuaeran (Fanning) Atoll (Kiribati)
Manihiki Atoll (Cook Islands) [if the weather allows for anchoring off in the lee]
Suwarrow Atoll (Cook Islands) [a nature preserve with only one person on the island]
Samoa [we’ll go to American Samoa if we need to receive packages, otherwise Apia]
Vava’u Tonga
New Caledonia
Australia [where we have 1-year work visas]

We are having a send-off party this Thursday at our slip. We’ll be filling up the kegs, rolling out the grills and celebrating our departure with all the wonderful friends we have made here in Hawaii. So many people have helped us out while we have been here, the least we can do is fill up their glass with a libation and say a proper farewell. We have really enjoyed it here and are very glad we decided to spend cyclone season in Hawaii. Ko Olina Marina has been a perfect home for Ellie. She is ship shape and bristol. We even treated her to a hull waxing this week so she’ll be sparkling for the party on Thursday. Still need to finish loading her up with a few months worth of provisions, empty the dock box, top off fuel and propane, etc. Then it’s South Pacific here we come!

Spending the season in Hawaii would not have been possible without Alyssa’s hard work. She was able to land one of the most coveted serving jobs on this side of Oahu (MonkeyPod Kitchen). She made enough to cover the entire slip fee (about $1,100 a month) and cover most of our other living expenses. There is no way the cruising kitty would have been able to sustain our fun lifestyle here in Hawaii without her contribution. She said it has been worth every minute of effort. We’ve both had a blast here and made friends that we will know for life. 

Oh, I sold the car…..for $2,000….a nice $700 profit after expenses. I also sold the motorcycle a month ago, for $3,300….a nice $900 profit. I’ve got a knack… 

Mahalo to all our friends here in Hawaii. Once again the sea beckons. Let’s go chase the green flash.


Lewis & Alyssa

April 12, 2015

Ko Olina Marina, Oahu, Hawaii, USA



  1. Jason Griffin's Gravatar Jason Griffin
    April 13, 2015    

    Hi Lewis and Alyssa, we are a New Zealand couple (plus 3 kids) currently residing on the gold coast in australia and we own a tartan 37 also, we are currently doing last jobs and leaving to go cruising this august! Our plans for the first year are to cruise east coast of australia and tasmania before jumping the tasman back to new zealand (to cruise some of more remote spots) before heading into the south pacific. We follow your blog and would love to try and have a raft up somewhere in Australia when you arrive, have a blast on your trip over, safe travels.

    Jason and Demelza

    • April 13, 2015    

      Let’s make it happen! Stay in touch as we get close. We are excited to cruise the Gold Coast and will certainly be reaching out for advice when we reach Australia.

      Fair winds and calm seas,
      Lewis & Alyssa

  2. Pamela Fives's Gravatar Pamela Fives
    April 14, 2015    

    Hi Kids… You are always in my thoughts & prayers… I Love You and will follow all your information. I’m sure you will have a great time. Take care of each other and know I care… You’ll hear from me. Lots of Hugs, GrandmaMama

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